Shimano Clothing: Men's S-PHYRE Gloves, Black

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PROFESSIONAL-GRADE GLOVESAt Shimano, we know more than a little bit about how the hand-to-glove-to-shifter interface should function. We know the more seamless, the better. And S-PHYRE gloves deliver more engineering and features into the palm of your hand than any glove we have brought to market. S-PHYRE gloves feature a pre-curved design for the most conforming fit possible. The softest yet most durable palm material combines with a one piece-variable-lint panel to optimally connect your hand to the shifter/hood position. The result? Maximized feel and control in every conditionProprietary knitted construction and compression panels on the back of hand and wristExcellent all-condition grip and bike control are achieved through inside-and outside grip force balance, non-padded palms and anatomical constructionMaterials �ö 65% Polyamide, 33% Elastane, 2% Polyester

Shimano Clothing - GLOVES M S-PHYRE BK LG


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