Grangers Fabsil Gold 200ml

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Guarantee the ultimate protection for your tents and outdoor equipment, with this super-concentrated spray-on waterproofing treatment. Easy-to-apply Protects from rain Shields against stain damage Super-concentrated Unparalleled water-repellency Features: Sometimes in life you need to guarantee ultimate protection – whether you're camping for a long time in unpredictable weather, you need your vintage soft-top to stay a classic or you want your garden furniture to last for years to come – luckily this is why we invented Fabsil Gold. This super-concentrated super-powerful solution is guaranteed to keep you dry and protected from rain and stains. In fact, it’s been formulated specifically for fabrics which are exposed to the elements for long periods of time. Easily applied, Fabsil Gold will last longer than any other waterproofing treatment, offering unrivalled levels of water-repellency. With 5 times more durability, Fabsil Gold is a best friend to those items that see more than their fair share of wet weather or water – including tents, gazebos, tipis, marquees, parasols, garden furniture, boat covers, sails, soft-tops and much more! Fabsil Gold Spray has the power of its 1-litre sister but its small, handy compact form makes it an ideal size to keep in your pack during your next adventure and perfect for refreshing the repellency of seams, zips and other tricky-to-proof areas. How To Use: Easily spray on this durable water-repellent in these 4 simple steps: Apply directly to clean fabric Spray from roughly 10-15cm away Evenly apply all over Wipe off any excess product, including droplets, with a clean cloth Allow the treated material to dry completely before use. Top Tips: We recommend cleaning beforehand with Fabsil Tent + Gear Treat outdoors or in a well-ventilated area Apply extra to seams and areas prone to abrasion For ultimate protection, allow to dry for as long as possible We recommend using the paint-on 1 litre version for large areas and using this aerosol for the more difficult areas such as seams.

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