Science In Sport GO Immune Hydro Tablet orange - 20 tablets per tube

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Heavy training is known to impact the immune system and can lead to a higher incidence of upper respiratory tract infections, impacting an athletes health and their ability to train After an intense workout the immune system can be suppressed for between 3 and 72 hours SiS Immune is designed to support and maintain immune function during and after exercise In the form of an effervescent tablet, it makes into a low calorie rehydration drink containing vitamin C and Iron Sodium is also incorporated in the mix to help promote hydration SiS Immune dosage is designed to be at a level which supports athlete health without compromising training benefits As with all SIS products, SIS immune is tested under Informed Sport certification This approach gives you confidence that SIS pay attention to detail and deliver high quality sports nutrition, whether you are an elite athlete or just trying to keep fit and healthy Recommended Usage: After prolonged or intense exercise use one tab in 500ml of water to support immune function as you rehydrate Contains 200mg of Vitamin C and 2.5mg of Iron Also good for hangovers! Available as an eight pack or a single tube of 20 tablets

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Country of Manufacture China
Barcode 15025324000828
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Type Nutrition
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